Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Tea Party!

We had another tea party last week. Spent more time chatting and eating coconut cookies than knitting but this is what has been achieved:

I have blocked my knitted bag-to-be. For the lining, I will use a vintage kimono fabric that I have. I will use a walnut dowel for the handle and that should do it!

I have also started unravelling my latest thrift find.. a cashmere sweater! It was in perfect condition however the shape and the short sleeves werent appealing to me. I dont know what i will use it for yet, maybe some socks and a scarf? Anyway, thanks to Yuliya who helped me with the unravelling. It was a bit scary at first!!

For this week's Tea Party, we've decided to try dyeing some yarn. That should be fun too!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Needles reconciliation... a very long journey

Knitting was one of the things I was taught as a child. I used to knit on and off until I left France for good in my early 20s. When I became pregnant for the first time last year, I was so ecstatic that I bought a knitting book and needles. I wanted to knit all the booties in the book! Very sadly, the pregnancy ended. So did pregnancy #2 and #3. I buried my needles in a box, in the darkest corner of my closet. It took me months to erase the memory of knitting and miscarriages.

Last week, I finally reconciled with the needles when I met for real a new knitter friend I had met on a knitting forum! We met at our local yarn store in Santa Monica. It was like being in a candy store (and I have a very sweet tooth!) It all came back to me. I remembered how much I used to enjoy knitting. Yesterday, I hosted a "knitting tea party" at home. Well, that was real fun! More English tea and cookies next week..!

On a totally different note, a happy birthday to my dad who turned 60 today! Sorry I can't be home for the forthcoming celebration. I'm sure you will all have a very happy celebration on Sunday! Joyeux Anniversaire!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Thanks so much for your lovely comments about the pictures! I love the bright colors particularly the dragon fruits taken at the Chinese quarter of Honolulu.

Merci beaucoup pour vos compliments concernant les photos! J'adore la photo des fruits du dragon (aussi appeles pitayas) prise dans le quartier chinois d'Honolulu.