Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Tea Party!

We had another tea party last week. Spent more time chatting and eating coconut cookies than knitting but this is what has been achieved:

I have blocked my knitted bag-to-be. For the lining, I will use a vintage kimono fabric that I have. I will use a walnut dowel for the handle and that should do it!

I have also started unravelling my latest thrift find.. a cashmere sweater! It was in perfect condition however the shape and the short sleeves werent appealing to me. I dont know what i will use it for yet, maybe some socks and a scarf? Anyway, thanks to Yuliya who helped me with the unravelling. It was a bit scary at first!!

For this week's Tea Party, we've decided to try dyeing some yarn. That should be fun too!