Monday, July 14, 2008

2 years already!

I can't believe it has been 2 years since I started this blog! It has been wonderful to make friends all over the world. I can't thank you enough, my friends, for you emails, for the great swaps, and all the support you have given me during difficult times! So thank you again!

Also a special day for my hubby who is doing his first shift at his new job today! Good luck sweetie!

Voila deja 2 ans que je tiens ce blog! Un grand merci a vous les filles, pour vos emails et vos messages de soutien. Ce blog m'a permis de rencontrer de supers keupines :)

Une petite pensee pour mon mari qui commence un nouveau poste aujourd'hui!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


It seems all I do on this blog lately is rant about my infertility issues! I thought it couldn't get worse. Think twice! I did more blood tests to check natural killer cells levels and boy they are high.. way over the normal range. So that could be THE explanation to the 5 failed pregnancies. I have antibodies that kill the embryos.

We're getting referred to an immunology specialist. Fine.. Well not really.. There are sides of medicine that are such a RACKET! To be told that we have to repeat a whole range of tests (that were just performed 2 weeks ago by a different lab) is outrageous! Tests that are to be paid cash and that cost thousands of dollars. Do you hear me scream? To be told that I possibly need a treatment that is not quite recognized and proven yet that costs a minimum of $3000 per shot, requiring 3 shots per month, for 6 months. let me do the maths.. $3000 x 3 x 6 = $54,000 cash minimum. This is extortion. This is taking advantage of women who are desperate to conceive.
This was an outburst coming from myself and a physician, my husband, who trained over a decade to get where he is and works his a** off!
I needed to vent!
Needless to say that we are NOT going to (be taken for a ride) repeat the tests and pay over $50k for unproven treatments..